A new poll has found that 40% of Republicans are already prepared to claim that the election was stolen if their favorite candidates don’t win their elections this year. Without any evidence at all, they are telling us that they will not accept the election results because they believe in something that hasn’t happened even before the voting begins.

A shocking new poll out this week shows that 39% of Republicans are already saying they’re not going to accept the election results from this year’s midterms if their candidate loses. Basically, if Republicans don’t win back the house, 40% of Republicans are already saying, Yeah, it’s because voter fraud. It’s because Democrats somehow stole the election, an election that by the way, we, we, we haven’t actually started yet, right? The election itself is not taking place, but 40% of Republicans are already saying this thing that hasn’t happened yet is probably gonna be influenced by something that we believe is real, even though statistics show us isn’t real. So a thing that hasn’t happened is going to be influenced by things that aren’t real, but only if Republicans don’t get the results that they want, 40% are already like in that mindset of yet it’s totally gonna be stolen.

You know, unless my person wins, then it’s totally legit. That’s not the shocking part of this poll. To me, the shocking part is this, 26% of Democrats will say the same if their party doesn’t win according to a new aoci sauce poll. Like totally understandable that Republicans are all embracing voter fraud.

We know it’s not real. We know there’s no evidence to suggest that it’s happening, but Trump has been saying it. Other Republicans have been saying it, hell, they’ve been saying it during the primaries. So yes, it makes sense that these idiot Republican voters would also believe that. But for a quarter of the Democratic party to be saying the same thing, like, what the hell is wrong with you people? Like that’s just dumb. It’s not gonna be voter fraud, it’s not gonna be election theft. Yes. Are there problems? Absolutely. Especially clearly in the states controlled by Republicans where they’ve passed these oppressive, you know, voting restrictions, but that’s not technically theft, right?

It, it, it is intentional suppression. They know exactly what they’re trying to do, but you can’t call it theft because it is a perfectly legal way to do it. Um, until, of course, maybe the courts get ahold of it, but the courts are controlled by Republicans. So it’s probably gonna still be technically legal disappointed in that 26% of Democrats that say that. But this is how deeply that big lie has penetrated American politics.

It’s penetrated it to the point where you have almost half of Republicans and a, you know, one point over a quarter of Democrats that are now willing to say, If we don’t win, it’s because they cheated. This is utter insanity folks, and it will only get worse from here, right? Things aren’t gonna be magically fixed after this year’s midterms. You’re not gonna see

Those numbers of people claiming voter fraud drop back down to zero and everything’s fine for future elections. No, this is the new normal. This is Trump’s lasting legacy because he is 100% responsible for this. And we will now be living with this either for the rest of our lives or until America is no longer an organized country anymore, whichever comes first. But it’s, we’re never going back to the way things were. And that to me is what this poll actually proves.

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