UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has vowed to take decisive action against Chinese cyberattacks, as Beijing-linked hackers are expected to be held accountable for recent security breaches. Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden is scheduled to address the hacking incidents involving the electoral commission and parliament.

Sanctions are likely to be imposed on those responsible for the cyberattacks, which have raised concerns about national security. Sunak, who previously took a firm stance against China, emphasized the government’s commitment to safeguarding the country from cyber threats posed by China.

Acknowledging China as an economic threat to security, Sunak emphasized the importance of protecting the nation from cyber threats. The recent breach of the electoral commission compromised the personal information of millions of UK voters, prompting calls for stricter measures against China.

Conservative MP Iain Duncan Smith, a vocal critic of China, highlighted the need for a recalibration of relations with China based on human rights and international norms. Amid accusations of cyber harassment and hacking attempts, the UK has raised concerns about China’s interference in democratic institutions.

Despite denials from China, allegations of cyber-attacks and political interference have strained UK-China relations. The UK has taken steps to limit Chinese involvement in critical infrastructure projects, citing security concerns. Recent incidents involving Chinese espionage activities have further heightened tensions between the two countries.

As the UK confronts the challenges posed by Chinese cyber threats, efforts to bolster cybersecurity measures and address foreign interference have become crucial in safeguarding national interests. The ongoing cyber conflict underscores the complexities of international relations in the digital age.