Summer Warmth Breaks 56-Year Record in Lithuania

In a surprising turn of events, Lithuania experienced an unprecedented warmth that shattered a 56-year-old record for the month of March. According to the latest reports from the Hydrometeorological Service, not just one but two heat records were set in a single day, creating quite a buzz on social media platforms.

The previous record for March temperatures was not just broken but significantly surpassed by an impressive 0.6 degrees. On March 30, the town of Druskininkai basked in the heat as the mercury soared to a remarkable 22.4 degrees, marking a new milestone for the month of March as a whole.

Interestingly, this new record surpassed the previous benchmark set 56 years ago in Kibartai, when temperatures peaked at 21.8 degrees on March 30, 1968. The significant increase of 0.6 degrees this year showcases the unprecedented nature of this recent heatwave.

Meteorologists attribute this abnormal heatwave to a warm air current originating from the south, specifically North Africa. This influx of warm air has created unusual weather patterns in Lithuania, leading to this unexpected surge in temperatures.

Notably, this is not an isolated incident, as Lithuania has experienced several temperature records throughout the past few years. In 2023 alone, there were 16 instances of record-breaking temperatures, followed by thirteen in 2022 and six in 2021.

Overall, the recent heatwave in Lithuania serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of climate patterns and highlights the importance of monitoring and addressing these changes for a sustainable future.