Military coup in Burkina Faso as military officers overthrow the leader of the junta

In Ouagadougou, protesters demanded the departure of junta leader Lieutenant-Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaugo Damiba. Ouagadougou (AFP) - Military officers have seized control of Burkina Faso, claiming...

Fed raises rates again, warns anti-inflation cannot be ‘pain free’

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said the central bank "will continue to do so" until inflation falls Washington (AFP) - The US Federal Reserve announced,...

Tunisian ‘hanging garden’ farms cling on despite drought

High in the hills of northwest Tunisia, farmers plant thousands of fig trees with a unique system of terraces that they hope will protect...

Rengeruk becomes the latest Kenyan athlete to be banned from doping

Lilian Kasait Rengeruk at the Tokyo Olympics last year PARIS (AFP) - Kenyan athlete Lilian Kasait Rengeruk was placed on Wednesday by the Athletics Safety...

Annual US inflation eased in August – but it probably won’t be enough

High prices have forced Americans to spend a larger share of their income on basic goods High prices have forced Americans to spend a larger...
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