Every day, the correspondents’ club describes how the same current event is illustrated in several countries.

Consumer prices are exploding in many European countries. (MAXPPP)

In Greece, to cope with inflation which has exceeded 12%, the conservative government is increasing consumer subsidies. Every week, a basket for basic necessities is set up for families. Different products are offered at cheaper prices in some supermarkets and a “food pass” in the form of a credit card has been introduced, which pays 10% of bills at the butcher, baker or market.

A 10 billion euro anti-inflation plan in Spain

In Spain, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced a new €10 billion anti-inflation plan last week. It is the third since the start of the war in Ukraine. The VAT on basic foodstuffs, such as bread, milk or fruit and vegetables, which was 4%, has been abolished. On the other hand, the government has decided to abolish the rebate of 20 cents per liter on fuels.

In Germany, here is finally the tariff shield promised by Chancellor Olaf Scholz to mitigate the impact of inflation. This is the implementation of the first part of the 200 billion euro aid plan announced in September. It provides, among other things, for the capping of gas and electricity prices.