A Ukrainian strike killed many Russian soldiers in the Donbass. The Russian command is criticized for having left its men in a vulnerable place.

How could the Russian army lose so many soldiers in seconds? A college which served as a dormitory for soldiers sent to the Donbass was hit by the fire of several Ukrainian missiles. According to the spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, 63 men are believed to have died. For its part, the communication service of the Ukrainian armed forces announces 400.

Phone calls to geolocate Russian soldiers?

This strike arouses anger, including among those who support the Kremlin. Russian war reporters denounce the fact that soldiers slept next to stored munitions. Bloggers criticize the incompetence of the army command. In Samara (Russia), where most of the victims came from, residents remember the phone calls they made to their loved ones for the New Year. They may have been the ones who allowed the Ukrainians to geolocate the soldiers, since the strike took place on the night of December 31.