Of the 570 Russian soldiers sent to the front near Luhansk, Ukraine, only 40 members of this battalion are said to have survived. In Russia, families of soldiers denounce the fate reserved for young mobilized people. The latter themselves take the floor to complain about the lack of preparation and support from which they have benefited.

On Tuesday, November 8, images of Russian soldiers being trapped and being shot are circulating on social media in Russia and go against Vladimir Putin’s victory speeches. Near Luhansk (Ukraine), only 40 Russian soldiers are said to have survived when there were initially 570. On other videos, it is possible to see Russians taking refuge in a house which is then bombarded. The lack of preparation of the young soldiers mobilized is particularly singled out.

“Our president, what is he doing?”

While the soldiers themselves are speaking out to complain about the lack of preparation and support they received, the families of victims are also demanding accountability from the authorities. “Our president, what does he do? Where does he send our guys, our husbands, our fathers? He sends them to certain death, without equipping them”, laments the wife of a soldier speaking on Russian independent television. In several battalions, members of the Kremlin army also expressed their dissatisfaction.