So recently I talked about the fact that Carol Linig writing for the Washington Post, uh, or she writes for the Washington Post. She talked about the fact in a recent interview that Donald Trump’s legal team has basically devolved into total chaos. And part of that reason is because you got lawyers coming and going, got different lawyers getting sidelines, some being listened to, some not. And then a day after, a day after that report came out, it was

revealed that Donald Trump has now hired more lawyers, brought in more people because the lawyer he most recently hired for $3 million, uh, 3 million retainer, Christopher Ki has joined the ultra conservative law firm called Continental, um. And I gotta read this statement from one of Continental’s lawyers. This is from ha, Jesus Suarez, who says, We’re absolutely thrilled to represent conservatives who are shunned by big law. The fact that there’s a segment of the legal establishment that won’t represent a former president of the United States because they disagree with his political views as antithetical to the practice of law.

That’s, not what happened. And you know it. What happened was that big, reputable, good law firms didn’t want to take Trump on as a client because they knew that he wouldn’t listen to their legal advice. And based on everything that has happened with near all of Donald Trump’s former lawyers, they didn’t want to get in legal trouble, trouble themselves.

And it’s, it’s ironic that you would say something that stupid considering that the guy you recently brought in Christopher Ki, who’s been working for Trump now, you’re all working for Trump. Um, hi. His big problem so far has been that Trump won’t listen to any of his legal advice, which is of course causing more problems for Donald Trump. But this little law firm Continental here is the Republican connections that these lawyers at this firm have. Suarez is a former chair of the Republican National Lawyers Association and was appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis to a, due to a judicial nominating commission.

Other attorneys at the firm include Carlos Tru Hilo, a former Florida House member, and Trump’s ambassador to the organization of American States, Richard Corcoran, also a former house, a former Florida House member and DeSantis, former state education commissioner and Paul Hawks, a former Florida first District Court of Appeal judge in Tallahassee. All Republicans fighting back against big law who won’t take on these clients because they do, don’t agree with them politically bull crap. There are plenty of good conservative lawyers out there who would love the chance to represent Trump, but they’re not willing to do it because they don’t want to get in trouble and they don’t wanna be embarrassed by his behavior. This little

Boutique firm just wants the recognition, right? They want the fame that comes along with it. And boy, I gotta tell you, when that, what is that? When that is what your lawyer is looking for, that never ends well for the client. Go ahead and ask Alina Haba how that’s working out for her and Trump. But here’s the thing. Even if these lawyers are, are, are fairly decent, which I’m betting they’re not, but even if they are, they still have the problem of Donald Trump’s other lawyers.

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