The damage is extensive and emergency crews are still on the scene.
135 l/m2 of precipitation fell in less than an hour. Firefighters
were immediately involved and dealt with a total of 28 incidents in the city

Dozens of people have been rescued after being trapped in their cars during the storm on the road from Felanich to Porreres. They also had to help two young men who were walking down the street when the water level rose to alarming levels and were picked up by a fire truck as a precaution.

Wind gusts reached more than 100 kilometers per hour, and 37 liters per square meter of rain fell at Mahon Airport in just ten minutes; A total of 91 liters were registered.

The weather agency reported that 16,116 lightning strikes occurred in the Balearic Islands over a 24-hour period, most of them in the early hours. The storm hit the north of Mallorca around 3 am but the rain was nowhere near as heavy as in Menorca.

The storm affected Menorca much more than Mallorca. Houses, hotels and roads were flooded, trees and lampposts were uprooted.
report that, despite the force of the storm and hail, there is no major destruction.
Streets turned into rivers, homes were flooded and cars were swept away by the current this afternoon.