“This is how Shakira fell for his lies”: they tell Piqué after a brutal fall in the Kings League

Gerard Pique is one of the most important and criticized former footballers and sports entrepreneurs today. He is also one of the most media-covered personalities, both by internet users on social networks and by the media worldwide, due to all the controversy surrounding infidelity and subsequent separation from Colombian singer Shakira.

It is worth noting that the interpreter of ‘TQG’ maintained a relationship with the Spaniard for over 12 years, and as a result of their relationship, their two children, Milan and Sasha, were born. However, after all that time, it was revealed that the former Barcelona defender decided to have an affair with Clara Chía while still with the Colombian.


Since then, every move of the three protagonists of this story has been followed on social networks, especially after Shakira decided to dedicate a couple of songs to Clara Chía, Piqué, and his family in order to ‘take the thorn out.’ This musical rebirth came amidst one of the worst moments of her personal life. However, the artist has used that situation to create great lyrics and hits that have topped charts in much of the world.

Pique takes a fall and causes laughter

What Pique and his partners have achieved with the ‘Kings League’ is unparalleled compared to anything done before. As stated by the ex-partner of the interpreter of ‘Te Felicito’ when he said that the project was born from the “desire to change the entertainment industry,” after several months of intense and successful work, the project is growing rapidly and in record time.

In fact, it was recently announced that the acclaimed league would cross borders and more countries would be able to participate. Indeed, the Colombian James Rodríguez will be one of the new presidents and it seems he will have his own team. However, many details of what the ‘Kings League’ will be in 2024 with these new developments are still unknown.

The event, which took place in Mexico, was full of surprises and broke audience records on Twitch, as millions of people around the world connected. However, beyond the league and its reforms, the also businessman Gerard Piqué was the great protagonist of the night, as he had a significant fall.

It all happened after the evening ended, as the former ‘Barca’ player approached the audience to sign some items, including a child’s shirt. However, being focused on his phone, he didn’t see that the stage was ending and he fell to the ground, which generated laughter among internet users.

Luckily, the security team was able to confirm that Piqué had not suffered any type of injury, beyond the pain from the fall. In fact, shortly after, he walked out of the venue on his own.