Why is the mayor of New York coming to Colombia this Saturday?

Mayor Eric Adams’ visit will focus on Bogotá this Saturday when he is expected to arrive in the country.

There, he will meet with local officials and later visit the Darien Gap, a section of the border with Panama that many migrants cross daily in their quest to reach the United States.

Before his visit to Colombia, he will also be in Mexico and Ecuador, then returning to New York on Saturday night, according to his office.

It should be noted that his chief advisor believes that the federal government should “close the borders” to address the migration crisis, considering that the most recent figure shared by the National Migration Service indicates that 400,000 people have crossed the Darien jungle so far this year.

Meanwhile, today the Colombian ambassador to the United States, Luis Gilberto Murillo, met with Mayor Adams to discuss the necessary humanitarian and development response to address the migration challenge, both in Colombia and along the southern border of the United States.

“The meeting with Mayor Adams and his team offers an excellent opportunity to discuss the shared challenges generated by the current migration crisis, as well as the ways Colombia is addressing irregular migration in our country and the region.

During the meeting, special emphasis was placed on the situation facing New York as a destination city and the opportunities the city offers to collaborate with Colombia in seeking humanitarian solutions to this crisis.”