Luis Diaz controversy: Liverpool takes drastic decision due to disallowed goal The club will go to the last consequences.

Liverpool will appeal the red card received by midfielder Curtis Jones in the match against Tottenham and has requested the Premier League Match Officials’ Panel (PGMOL) to provide access to the VAR audios that did not validate Luis Diaz’s legal goal.

The ‘Red’ club, which has already announced that it will seek “options” to resolve what happened on Saturday at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, will appeal the red card received by Jones in the first half when he was sent off for a foul on Bissouma. The expulsion came after VAR intervention, and according to Jurgen Klopp, it was influenced by watching the action in slow motion. (Luis Diaz: Jurgen Klopp explodes against VAR after Colombian’s disallowed goal) (James Rodriguez provokes an incredible reaction in Brazil: ‘Sometimes it’s scary to talk to him’)

The argument continues

“In real time, it’s not a red card,” said the German coach, aware that if the sanction is not reduced, it could even be extended. If the appeal is unsuccessful, Jones will miss the next three matches against Brighton, Everton, and Nottingham Forest. Additionally, Liverpool intends, according to Sky Sports, for the PGMOL to release the audio of the VAR conversations that led to the incorrect disallowance of Luis Diaz’s goal for offside.

This season, the Premier League decided to have a program in which former referee Howard Webb, along with other experts, analyze the most questionable and controversial actions of the past weeks, including VAR audios, but it remains to be seen if they will give the green light to make them public for this match.

In a statement, Liverpool criticized the explanations given by the PGMOL, who labeled the error as a “human mistake” and stated that they are insufficient and that a transparent investigation is needed. Additionally, the referees who officiated the match from VAR will not oversee any matches this coming weekend. (Rubiales receives a strong ‘blow’: Spain’s players made a devastating revelation)