Ukraine regains more territory as Russia responds

KRAMATorsk (Ukraine) (AFP) - Ukraine said on Monday its forces had retaken more territory in the past 24 hours and recaptured an area seven...

Ethiopia’s Tigray rebels say they are ready for African Union-led peace talks

Both sides accused each other of violating the armistice that has been in place since late March Nairobi (AFP) - Ethiopia's Tigray rebels said Sunday...

Xi and Putin look to challenge global order at regional summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping called for global order change at a summit challenging Western influence.Samarkand (Uzbekistan) (AFP) Russian President...

Russian forces “besieged” near the main town of Ukraine in the annexed area

Russian President Vladimir Putin held a grand ceremony in the Kremlin Kyiv (Ukraine) (AFP) - Ukraine announced Saturday that it has cordoned off several thousand...

Asian markets sway on recession fears as inflation data looms

Traders look to Tokyo as the yen dips towards the 145.90 level it touched last month, triggering a massive intervention to support the currency. Hong...
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