The government had promised a new aid device, once the end of the rebate of 10 cents at the pump, which will be effective in January. A check for 100 euros will be awarded to modest French people, who use their car to go to work.

After the end of fuel rebates, a new boost for motorists. The government formalized, Wednesday, December 7, its fuel allowance: 100 euros for more modest workers in 2023. Insufficient aid, we judge in a service station in Villejuif (Val-de-Marne). “It won’t change anything at all for me,” said one customer. “100 euros for the year, it doesn’t matter,” adds another.

Ten million people affected

To receive this aid according to Bercy, you will have to earn less than 1,314 euros net per month. And the two members of a couple can combine it. Retirees will not be affected by this device. As for the unemployed, they will have to follow a special procedure. Ten million people should benefit from this fuel allowance, which will be implemented at the beginning of January.