Bulgaria is implicated in its management of European borders. Abdullah, a young Syrian, was shot on the border between Bulgaria and Turkey on October 3. He accuses the Bulgarian border guards of having deliberately targeted him. The Bulgarian president, for his part, suspects manipulation. The European Union demands an investigation.
In Hungary, no more drop of oil should arrive from Russia since Monday, December 5. Refueling is now more expensive. “This is the result of the sanctions from Brussels. We can no longer guarantee blocked prices for Hungarian families,” lamented Gergely Gulyas, chief of staff to the Prime Minister.

Train collision near Barcelona

On the outskirts of Barcelona, Spain, a passenger train crashed into another stationary train on Wednesday, December 7. Fortunately, there were no fatalities, but there were 150 minor injuries. “Suddenly, we found ourselves in the dark. The train hit something, we didn’t know what. People fell,” said a passenger. The causes of the accident are not yet known.