France Suspends iPhone 12 Sales due to High Radiation Levels

In a recent development, France has temporarily suspended the sale of Apple’s iPhone 12 due to concerns about the phone’s radiation levels. This decision was made by France’s national radiation agency (ANFR), following tests that revealed a slightly higher Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) than what is permitted. It is expected that a software update will rectify the issue and bring the radiation levels back within acceptable limits. Jean-Noël Barrot, the French Minister for Digitalization and Telecommunications, stated that Apple is expected to respond within the next two weeks, and if not, he is prepared to recall all iPhone 12 devices in circulation.

Many countries have health authorities that monitor the amount of radiation emitted by electronic products, citing health reasons. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) asserts on its website that numerous studies have shown no proven adverse health effects from the use of mobile phones. These findings were reported by the news agency.

The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is a measurement used to determine how much radiofrequency energy is absorbed by the human body when using a mobile phone. The limits for SAR are set by regulatory bodies to ensure user safety. While the iPhone 12’s SAR levels were found to be slightly higher than allowed in France, it is important to note that they still fall within the limits established by other countries and regulatory agencies.

Jean-Noël Barrot emphasized that the decision to suspend sales is to ensure compliance with regulations and to hold all digital giants accountable. If Apple fails to address the issue within the stipulated time frame, the French government is prepared to take further action.

It is worth mentioning that the concerns regarding radiation levels and potential health risks from mobile phone use date back several years. However, the scientific consensus, as stated by the WHO, maintains that there is no proven evidence of significant harm caused by mobile phone usage.

Apple has not released an official statement regarding this suspension of iPhone 12 sales in France. It is expected that the company will address the issue promptly and provide a software update to bring the SAR levels in compliance with regulations. This temporary halt in sales in France is not expected to have a significant impact on Apple’s overall business, as other countries have not taken similar actions.

In conclusion, France’s decision to suspend the sale of iPhone 12 is primarily driven by concerns over the phone’s radiation levels exceeding permissible limits. Despite this, the scientific consensus thus far maintains that using mobile phones within regulated limits does not pose any significant health risks. Apple’s response and the subsequent software update will likely resolve the issue, ensuring that the iPhone 12 complies with France’s safety regulations.