New iPhone to Feature the Same Power Connector as Other New Phones

Apple has announced that the upcoming iPhone 15 will be charged using a USB-C cable, just like other recent smartphones. The company made this announcement during a press conference held on Tuesday evening, Danish time.

“USB-C has become a universally accepted standard, so we are bringing it to the iPhone,” said an Apple representative.

This means that Apple is abandoning its special lightning connector, which has been featured on all iPhones released since 2012.

In October of last year, the European Parliament passed a resolution stating that all mobile phones released from autumn 2024 onwards should be able to charge using a USB-C cable.

During the press conference, Apple also unveiled a range of new products, including the iPhone 15, which will come in four variants: standard, Plus, Pro, and Pro Max.

The cheapest model, simply called the iPhone 15, has a starting price of DKK 7,799 in Denmark. The larger iPhone Plus starts at DKK 8,799.

Torben Vognsen, editor-in-chief at the digital tech media outlet Input, was present during Apple’s presentation at their headquarters in California.

According to Vognsen, not much during the presentation surprised him, as most of it had already been rumored beforehand. In fact, when comparing to last year’s launch prices of the iPhone 14, this year’s models are, with the exception of the Pro Max, actually cheaper.

“Apple is not really increasing the prices. They could have chosen to do so, and there were rumors about it. But I think they are aware that people are not eager to spend money at the moment,” Vognsen said.

The more expensive Pro models will feature a titanium cover, which Apple claims will contribute to a lighter and thinner design.

Additionally, Apple has replaced the button that used to silence the phone with a new action button. This button can still be used to toggle the silent mode on and off, but it can also be used to activate other features on the phone.

Only the Pro models will have this new action button.

Vognsen also highlighted improvements in the camera and battery life.

“There are overall improvements across the board, especially in the two Pro models. The two regular models look very similar to last year’s Pro models,” he explained.

The iPhone 15 Pro will have a starting price of DKK 9,799 in Denmark, while the Pro Max will be available from DKK 11,799.

Apple has also introduced a new generation of Apple Watch.

Among the new releases is the Apple Watch Ultra, which features the brightest display ever designed by Apple.

Furthermore, all Apple products will be compatible with USB-C cables moving forward. As a result, Apple has also launched the AirPods Pro 2 with USB-C charging capabilities.