Real Madrid, PSG – Transfer Gossip: A Close Associate of Pérez Spills the Beans on Haaland and Mbappé!

Former Real Madrid player and confidant of Florentino Pérez, Predrag Mijatovic, shares his thoughts on who should join Real Madrid in the summer transfer window of 2024.

Predrag Mijatovic, a name synonymous with Real Madrid’s historic 1998 UEFA Champions League victory, continues to wield influence within the club today. Having transitioned from the pitch to the boardroom, Mijatovic maintains a close relationship with Florentino Pérez, making his insights valuable within the walls of the Santiago Bernabéu.

Mijatovic recently voiced his opinion on the much-discussed transfers of Kylian Mbappé and Erling Haaland, indicating a clear favorite. In an interview with As, the former striker left no room for doubt.

While acknowledging Haaland’s exceptional talent, Mijatovic emphasized the significance of Mbappé’s French heritage, stating, “Halland is a phenomenon in football, a prolific number nine striker, but he is Norwegian. He will never have the image or impact of a Frenchman.” When pressed to choose one over the other, Mijatovic made it clear that he would invest in Mbappé due to his superstar status and remarkable marketing presence.

Mijatovic’s assessment underscores the complex nature of football transfers. Beyond pure skill, a player’s marketability, brand value, and connection with fans play a crucial role. Florentino Pérez, known for his astute dealings in the transfer market, recognizes this multifaceted aspect.

As the anticipated summer transfer window of 2024 approaches, the footballing world eagerly awaits the fate of these two exceptional talents. Will it be the enigmatic Mbappé or the prolific Haaland who graces the iconic Santiago Bernabéu? With Mijatovic’s preference made clear, the stage is set for a transfer saga of epic proportions.