Fishermen decide to stop their activity because of Brexit and the increase in fuel prices. The future of the industry is in question.

Fishermen are forced to stop their activity because their boats are no longer profitable. In question, the cost of maintenance as well as the high prices of fuel. To respond to these issues, the president of the “Hent ar Bugale” shipping company had to resign himself to placing a boat on the individual support plan, which looks like a breakage plan. “We are in a financial stalemate,” says Serge Guyot.

Significant help requested

Despite a potential aid of 500,000 euros for each boat, this could have serious consequences. “We have an obligation not to reinvest for five years if we leave the boats (…) we shoot ourselves in the foot”, deplores Serge Guyot. 63 Breton ships could completely stop their activity. In total, the Breton region wants aid of up to 51 million euros. The state response should come in late December or early January.