Woman Killed by Shark While Snorkeling on Vacation

A family vacation ends in tragedy when a Pennsylvania mother is attacked and killed by a bull shark. Caroline Deplacido and her family arrived...

In Nigeria finding value in waste recycling

There is money in the trash: scrap metal at the Romco recycling plant in Lagos Lagos (AFP) - Heaps of garbage scattered along roads and...

North Korea fires ballistic missiles for the fourth time this week

South Korean and US officials have warned for months that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is preparing to conduct another nuclear test Seoul (AFP)...

Markets are falling as central banks raise interest rates

The Bank of England said the British economy had entered a recession as it raised interest rates again to combat inflation New York (AFP) -...

Millions of tons of water flooded the streets of Spain!

The damage is extensive and emergency crews are still on the scene. 135 l/m2 of precipitation fell in less than an hour. Firefighters were immediately involved...
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