Xororó breaks the silence after his daughter Sandy’s divorce from Lucas Lima

Followers of musician Lucas Lima and singer Sandy were taken aback by an unexpected post on social media early Monday afternoon (September 25th). After 24 years of being together – which started in their teenage years – and 15 of those years as a married couple, they have decided to divorce, publicly announcing that they are no longer a couple.

In a lengthy post published jointly on their profiles, Sandy and Lucas Lima emphasized that the decision to divorce was made mutually, without any hard feelings or resentments. Moreover, the now-former couple made it clear that feelings of love and affection will forever remain, especially when it comes to the family they have built together, resulting in the birth of their only child, Theo, who is now nine years old.

The post sparked a wave of solidarity on social media, with many fans and celebrities leaving messages of support for the former couple. Among the most notable comments was that of Xororó, Sandy’s father and now former father-in-law of Lucas Lima, who simply wrote, “I love you.”

In addition to him, singer Júnior Lima, Sandy’s brother and now former brother-in-law of Lucas Lima, also expressed his support for the two. “All my love.” The gesture was also replicated by Monica Benini, Sandy’s sister-in-law, who wrote, “Love.”

TV presenter Fernanda Gentil also commented on the post: “Heartbroken… But rooting for your hearts to heal as quickly as possible. You deserve nothing but the best. Always,” she said. Eliana, from SBT, praised the years of partnership between Sandy and Lucas Lima. “They were years of companionship and a blessed child. It was beautiful,” she praised. Ivete Sangalo emphasized the public’s affection for the couple, even though they are no longer a couple. “And we are by your side. The whole world’s love to you and this family that we love so much,” she posted.

(Note: The article has been translated from Portuguese to English and some information may have been lost in translation.)