A family vacation ends in tragedy when a Pennsylvania mother is attacked and killed by a bull shark. Caroline Deplacido and her family arrived in the Bahamas on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship. When the 58-year-old went diving, she was attacked by a shark. She was bitten on the left side of her body and later died of her injuries. Snorkeling is a popular activity for cruise ship passengers, but it can be risky. In 2019, a woman was attacked and killed by three sharks while snorkeling.

This woman was unlucky enough to be one of the number one people to die in a shark attack, in the world every year. It is extremely rare. Last year, only about 70 shark attacks were recorded in the whole world. You are more likely to die on the way home from an Uber cruise than you are to be attacked by a shark.
Snorkeling trips are good, but beware of the neighborhood. If there’s a tour company about doing “shark experiences” or anything like that, get out of the water.

These tours shock the waters and attract sharks anywhere around… and when they do it repeatedly every day at the same time… it’s just a brewing disaster. I have specific rules about swimming in the ocean and if sharks are around, my rule is “no swimming”