Reconstruction begins slowly in Kharkiv, Ukraine. But the power cuts and the limited means available complicate the task of the Ukrainians, who are asking for help.

In Kharkiv (Ukraine), hundreds of thousands of homes need to be rebuilt. In the district to the north of the city, the front line a few weeks ago, the buildings are gutted. Ruslan Kramarenko, a building contractor, has started his first projects, but nothing is simple without electricity. “All our tools have to be plugged into the mains, so we have to bring this generator,” he says, carrying it.

Urgency is everywhere

To start the work, the owner of this house put some money. In the rubble, a worker discovers a Russian uniform. For most buildings, the most urgent thing to repair is the roof. “We put a framework and plastic so that the house does not deteriorate more this winter”, explains Ruslan. Urgency is everywhere. The entrepreneur demands generators, accumulators and gasoline from Europe.