“Unlikely Friendship: How a Calf Found Her Calling as a Cow”

A Calf Adapts to Circumstances after Hurricane Harvey Devastates the Land

In many people’s eyes, cows are simply livestock that provide us with milk and meat. They eat grass and reside in a stable. However, a calf born near Houston experienced a natural disaster that it was not expected to survive. Nonetheless, it discovered a surprising way to endure.

Texan Couple Trapped in Hurricane Harvey

In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey brought despair to many individuals in Louisiana, Belize, Nicaragua, Texas, and numerous other locations. Numerous roads were flooded, and countless people lost their homes.

During this trying time, Tammy Canton and her husband had to devise an emergency plan. They were just two among thousands who had to restructure their lives. Yet, their situation was particularly complicated…

The Cantons Opened Their Home as a Refuge

The Cantons offered their home as shelter for two other families and even eight additional dogs! Imagine the bustling atmosphere amid a natural disaster. Things were getting quite tight in Fulshear, Texas.

And then, without any warning, Tammy’s husband spotted something that would make the situation even more challenging and require additional space. What exactly had he discovered? You can never accurately predict what will happen next during a hurricane.

Their Refuge Continued to Be Occupied

If you were in this situation, what would be the last thing you would expect? Well, one of the family’s cows gave birth to a calf at an extremely unexpected moment. “My husband saw the calf in the water, and it hadn’t been nursing from its mother,” explained Tammy.