As the snow begins to fall on the country, Kyiv has asked for “additional support” from the EU to deal with the energy crisis that is rocking the country.

A widespread power cut in kyiv (Ukraine), November 8, 2022. ( NURPHOTO / AFP)


The snow has fallen and Ukrainian energy capabilities are melting. “Nearly half of our energy system has been put out of order,” Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Chmygal lamented on Friday, November 18, during a press conference in kyiv.

A situation that has forced the head of government to ask for “additional support” from the European Union, as Russian forces have raided Ukraine’s energy infrastructure in recent weeks to deprive the country of electricity as winter approaches. . These attacks have already deprived more than 10 million people of electricity, while temperatures of up to -10°C are expected in the coming days.

Moscow accuses kyiv of a ‘war crime’

Moscow accuses kyiv of a ‘war crime’

The Russian Defense Ministry has accused Ukraine of ‘brutally’ executing more than 10 ‘immobilized’ servicemen after two videos were posted on social media, presented as images of the execution of Russian servicemen who came to surrender to Ukrainian forces. Moscow denounces a “deliberate and methodical murder”, “with direct shots in the head”.

Ukrainian experts at the site of the explosion

The day after their arrival in Poland, the Ukrainian experts were able to access the area destroyed by a missile on Tuesday. They “have started their work”, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba announced. According to Warsaw, it is “highly probable” that the missile came from the Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense.

Russian fortification works in Crimea

Russia announced that it was carrying out “fortification works” in the annexed Crimean peninsula. This decision follows the withdrawal of Russian soldiers to the neighboring Ukrainian region of Kherson. This is to “guarantee the safety of Crimeans”, according to the governor installed by Moscow, after the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula in 2014.