The Magelang Regency Government will continue to encourage any activities including the cultural carnival as an effort to promote creativity and innovation in the Borobudur region. This was stated by Magelang Regency Regional Secretary Adi Waryanto while watching the G20 Cultural Carnival held in Pondok Tengal, Borobudur, on Monday (12/9/2022).

“Of course, to develop the cultural value of creativity and innovation in this society, we will cooperate with all the elements and components, including society, BUMD, BUMN and the private sector,” said Adi.

Uday also highly appreciated the enthusiasm of the people in the 20 villages of Borobudur as well as the Ministry of Education and Culture, especially the General Directorate of Culture, which helped encourage the people of Magelang Regency to show innovation in the development of their culture through this cultural carnival activity.

“At least this cultural carnival will develop the economy of the community and invite tourists to love Borobudur more,” he said.

For information, this cultural carnival was organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Indonesia in which about 2000 representatives from 20 villages in Borobudur district participated.

According to Adi, people in Borobudur are used to holding cultural events every given month, especially when G20 activities are encouraged, it will stimulate creativity and ideas.

“In the future, we hope that activities like this will continue to operate and be sustainable. Whatever we will do with sincerity to tourists, both foreign and local,” said Addy.

The cultural carnival was also attended by Director of Cultural Development and Benefiting, Restu Gunawan, Director of Belief in One God and Indigenous Peoples, Samsul Hadi, and President of the Borobudur Conservation Center, Weit Kasiyati.