What happened to Roberto Cano, Carolina Acevedo’s famous ex?

Carolina Acevedo has once again become the center of attention after her participation in MasterChef Celebrity, where she emerged as the winner. Viewers have been following her every move on social media and on television. This has led many to take notice of her romantic relationship with designer Lucas Jaramillo.

Lucas is no stranger to reality shows either. He has been a part of a couple of seasons of “La isla de los famosos” and even emerged as the winner in one of them. However, he hasn’t been seen on television since then.

The couple’s romance is gaining more and more attention. In addition to discussing their relationship, many have also recalled Carolina’s past relationships. The most talked about of them was the one she had with her colleague, Roberto Cano.

Carolina and Roberto met in the 2000s when they starred in the TV series “Pobre, Pablo.” Their on-screen love story ended up becoming a reality. They started dating shortly after and eventually got married, but their marriage only lasted a year and a half.

Roberto Cano was considered a heartthrob of the ’90s and early 2000s. However, over time, his roles in productions became less frequent.

After his separation from Carolina, Roberto appeared in productions such as “Los caballeros las prefieren brutas,” “Operación Jaque,” “Amor sincero,” “La esclava blanca,” “Comando Élite,” and most recently, “Las Villamizar.”

After his breakup with Carolina, the actor found love again. He had a relationship with Marcela Salazar, the mother of Jorge Enrique Abello’s first daughter, for more than five years.

Later, he had another publicized romance with former RCN presenter Gina Acuña. They showed off their love on social media for a while, but when they stopped doing so, fans assumed that it had ended.

Regarding his relationship with Carolina, although they initially parted on bad terms, over time they started talking again and became friends. They have even addressed their separation recently, dismissing rumors of alleged infidelity on Carolina’s part.

“It had been about a year and a half since we got married. The love just ended, but it ended well. Separations are never easy, everything becomes unsteady, but a year after the separation, my relationship with Carolina was back to being like before we were dating – we were already friends, everything was fine,” Cano stated in a conversation with Diva Rebeca.

Carolina, on the other hand, mentioned in a live session that they were very young when they made the hasty decision to get married.

“People say, ‘Your marriage with Roberto ended because you were too intense.’ No, it’s not because I was intense. Do you think I’m intense? Well, I do tend to have a lot of energy. No, that’s not why my marriage with Roberto ended. Imagine, I got married to Cano when I was 20, I was very young. And the love just faded away.”