Spanish Footballer Breaks Silence Following Controversial Kiss Incident

The kiss controversy involving Spanish Football Federation President Luis Rubiales after their World Cup victory continues to make headlines, putting him on the spot.

During the title celebrations, the football association president kissed 31-year-old striker Jennifer Hermoso on the mouth, sparking intense criticism. Now, even the player herself has spoken out, demanding serious consequences for the powerful sports official. In a statement issued by the Spanish football union “FutPro” and Hermoso’s agency TMJ, the 33-year-old called for sanctions against Rubiales. “We advocate that incidents like the one we witnessed should never go unpunished, and such cases should be penalized,” the letter states. Hermoso also called for “exemplary measures” to protect female footballers from actions that she deemed unacceptable.

“FutPro rejects any attitude or behavior that violates the rights of female footballers, and the union strives to ensure that actions like the one we witnessed do not go unpunished,” Spain’s team captain continued in the press release. Meanwhile, the Spanish Football Federation has announced that an internal investigation has been launched. A general assembly of the association has been called for Friday, but it is unlikely that Rubiales will step down during this meeting.

Just a few days ago, the Spanish federation released alleged quotes from Hermoso downplaying the incident, but reports suggest that these statements were disseminated without the player’s consent. Rubiales, who has since posted an apology video, and team coach Jorge Vildar reportedly tried to convince Hermoso to make a joint video appearance during the return flight to Spain, but their efforts were in vain.