Police urge drivers to be patient in snowy weather


In the early hours of Thursday morning, many parts of northern and eastern Denmark experienced snowfall. According to Trine Pedersen, an official at the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), it is difficult to determine the exact amount of snowfall in different regions until it is manually measured later in the morning. However, it has been reported that snowfall ranged from 2-5 centimeters in most places, with some areas receiving significantly more.

Police Advice and Warnings

Sydsjællands and Lolland-Falsters Police, as well as Midt- og Vestsjællands Police, have advised motorists to leave home early on Thursday morning. They also emphasize the importance of patience while driving in such conditions. Lars Denholt, duty officer at Sydsjællands and Lolland-Falsters Police, suggests that arriving a little later to work is preferable to ending up in a ditch. If there are a large number of people in need of assistance, it is important to remain prepared for potential long waits in cold cars, awaiting roadside assistance.

Københavns Police has also issued a warning on the social media platform X, alerting drivers to slippery roads. They have reported several traffic accidents due to cars skidding and cyclists falling in the snow. Trine Pedersen explains that areas experiencing snow showers remain at freezing temperatures, while regions like Fyn and southern Jylland have experienced temperatures as low as -14 degrees Celsius.

Weather Outlook

Looking ahead to the rest of the day, the snowfall is expected to move southward. Friday and Saturday are predicted to be cold with a northeast wind. Snow showers are expected, particularly along the coast facing Kattegat. Denmark has been experiencing persistent winter weather, resulting in unusually cold mornings over the past few days.

On Tuesday, residents of Roskilde in Zealand and Karup in Midtjylland woke up to temperatures approaching minus ten degrees Celsius.


It is important for motorists to heed the advice and warnings from the police during snowy weather conditions. Leaving home early, practicing patience, and being prepared for potential delays will help ensure their safety and the safety of others on the roads. As the winter weather continues, it is crucial to stay updated on weather forecasts and to take necessary precautions when traveling.