After a dispute with Arboleda, São Paulo’s management may make an important decision behind the scenes

The year began with a dispute

São Paulo will kick off the 2024 season, and while they continue to work behind the scenes to secure reinforcements, the team will report back on Saturday (6) to begin preparations.

However, the team will not be complete, and the absence is not due to a last-minute signing. Defender Robert Arboleda will not be present at the CT da Barra Funda on Saturday.

The player has committed to join the rest of the team on Monday (8). This information was confirmed by Pepe Chamorro, the player’s agent, who also mentioned a lack of agreement regarding the contract renewal with the club.

“He will not be in São Paulo on Saturday. We will wait for contact from Rui Costa (executive director). The proposal presented was very low,” Chamorro said, according to ge.

Repeat offender and possibility of fines

This is not the first time Arboleda has failed to comply with the club’s established dates. In the past, the player has missed training sessions and was fined by São Paulo. The management has not yet announced whether they will punish the player with a fine for his late reporting, but the possibility remains open, especially due to the absence of justification for the player’s behavior.

It is worth noting that São Paulo does not believe that Arboleda’s absence is related to the negotiation process with the player, as he still has a contract with the club until the end of the year.

Despite the dispute, São Paulo is interested in renewing with the defender and is expected to continue negotiations. The offer rejected by Arboleda and his agent was sent by the club last Thursday.

Renewal is likely to happen

São Paulo has until June to renew with the player without the risk of him signing a pre-contract with another club and leaving for free at the end of the year.

There were speculations that the player was negotiating with Corinthians, but Augusto Melo stated that he is not interested in signing the defender, even though he considers it a good market opportunity.

Despite the temporary lack of agreement regarding the presented values, the expectation is that the renewal will happen naturally. There is already an agreement for a renewal until 2026 and a salary increase.

Arboleda is an absolute starter in São Paulo’s defense. Last season, the defender played in 42 matches, scoring one goal. He is expected to maintain his status and form a partnership with Ferraresi, Alan Franco, or Diego Costa.