Russia Targets Kyiv with Missiles Following Putin’s Vow for Retaliation

In a significant escalation of hostilities, Russia launched over 30 missiles at Kyiv early on Thursday, marking the most substantial attack on the Ukrainian capital in weeks. This retaliatory strike came after President Vladimir Putin pledged to avenge the escalating assaults on Russia’s border regions.

President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine urgently appealed to Western nations for air defense systems in response to the assault, which resulted in 17 people being wounded in Kyiv and its vicinity. The Ukrainian air force reported successfully intercepting 31 Russian missiles targeting Kyiv.

Expressing the need for global unity to combat the ongoing terror, Zelensky emphasized the importance of advanced defense systems to counter Russian aggression. He stressed the significance of safeguarding various Ukrainian regions from potential missile threats.

Amid these violent events, a critical $60 billion military aid package from the United States for Ukraine remains pending in Congress. The attack on Kyiv left 17 individuals injured due to falling debris from the missiles, with the city authorities confirming the destruction caused by the assault.

Looking ahead, Zelensky underscored the urgency of receiving enhanced military assistance to protect Ukrainian territories under imminent threat. The ongoing clashes underscore the pressing need for international support to bolster Ukraine’s defense capabilities against Russian incursions.