Urgent: Prosecutor’s Office submits copies to the Accusation Committee to investigate if there were crimes in the financing of Gustavo Petro’s campaign, as confessed by his son Nicolas

On Monday night, the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation submitted copies to the Accusation Committee of the Chamber to investigate whether crimes were committed in the financing of President Gustavo Petro’s campaign.

“Nicolas Fernando Petro Burgos made some statements regarding the alleged occurrence of criminal conduct, such as the entry of apparently irregular funds into the presidential campaign of Gustavo Francisco Petro Urrego,” says the submission from the accusing entity.

It adds, “This delegate submits the corresponding copies in order to investigate, in accordance with the competence of the Accusation Committee, the alleged occurrence of crimes related to the financing of the presidential campaign of Mr. Gustavo Francisco Petro Urrego, or any other fact that constitutes a criminal offense.”

In the submission, the prosecutor in charge, Mario Burgos, informs the committee that on September 25th, he “filed a written accusation against Mr. Nicolas Fernando Petro Burgos for the crimes of illicit enrichment and money laundering.”

SEMANA exclusively revealed the explosive confession of Nicolas Petro, son of President Gustavo Petro. In it, he assured prosecutors that his father “did know” about the irregular entry of money into the 2022 campaign. He pointed to renowned businessman Euclides Torres as the main sponsor of the campaign and indicated that Petro, as a candidate, was always aware of it. He also implicated businessman Christian Daes as a sponsor of the campaign. The current president would also have full knowledge of it.

During the interrogation, Nicolás Petro seriously implicated the first lady, Verónica Alcocer, and linked her to “bribes” and other alleged serious corruption acts.

He also revealed that Laura Sarabia, Petro’s right-hand person, was always aware of the campaign’s financing and that during the government, she was in charge of appointing key positions, such as in the Superintendence of Transport, to repay favors to Euclides Torres.

Nicolas Petro also disclosed that Senator Pedro Florez was the link between Petro’s campaign and Torres, who, according to the president’s son, provided substantial amounts of unreported cash.

Congressman Agmeth Escaf and former congressman Mario Fernandez Alcocer, the first lady’s cousin, were also mentioned by Nicolas Petro, who claimed that both represent Veronica Alcocer’s “interests” before different public entities. This includes government contracts and bureaucracy.

Nicolas Petro’s collaboration collapsed after the visit of his father, President Gustavo Petro, to his house in Barranquilla.