Prigoschin Supporters Threaten with Second March

The incident that governments in Washington and other western capitals had warned about after the failed mutiny against the Russian military leadership seems to have occurred. Mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigoschin died in a plane crash near Moscow. This was announced late Wednesday evening by both the Telegram channel “Grey Zone,” which is close to Prigoschin, and the Russian aviation authority. Prigoschin supporters are already threatening with a “second march” on Moscow on social media.

A Telegram group called “vagnerigray” wrote after the news of the plane explosion: “We are directly stating that we suspect Kremlin officials led by Putin of killing him!” If this information is confirmed, the authors threaten a “second march of justice” towards Moscow. In a postscript, they add, “It would be better if he were alive, it is in your interest…”

Exactly two months ago, Prigoschin led his private army Wagner in a mutiny against the Russian leadership, the background of which is still unclear to this day. During the advance on Moscow, the mutineers demanded the removal of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Chief of General Staff Sergei Gerasimov.

Prigoschin also attacked President Vladimir Putin himself. The Kremlin leader called Prigoschin a traitor. The mutiny ended with Prigoschin, the head of Wagner, and thousands of his armed forces being able to go to Belarus. There was also talk of the dissolution or incorporation of the private military company into the Russian armed forces at the time.

The fact that they did not march “to the end” in June should be a lesson for everyone, regretted another Wagner-affiliated Telegram channel, referring to the mutiny of the Wagner mercenaries who halted just before reaching Moscow and headed to Belarus.

The illumination of the Wagner headquarters in St. Petersburg was arranged in such a way that a glowing cross could be seen from a distance:

The more or less official Prigoschin channel “Grey Zone” reported late Wednesday evening: “Prigoschin died as a result of the actions of Russia’s traitors. But even in hell, he will be the best!” At the same time, a version of the deliberate shooting down of the private jet was circulated.