Pence to Run for U.S. President

Speculations about his ambitions had been circulating for some time. Now it is official that Mike Pence wants to move into the White House for the Republicans. This puts him in competition with his former boss Donald Trump for the position.

Official Bid for Republican Nomination

According to official documents, Mike Pence is running for the Republican nomination for the US presidency. The documents were available on the website of the Federal Election Commission, and a spokesman confirmed their submission to CNBC. Pence himself has yet to comment.

Citing sources, news agency Reuters had reported that the former vice president under ex-President Donald Trump would launch his bid on Wednesday with a video and a speech in the state of Iowa.

Distance from Former Ally Trump

The staunch conservative and former governor of Indiana has increasingly distanced himself from his former boss Trump. The latter had shown anger after Pence refused to support his efforts against the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

The US presidential election and congressional elections are scheduled for November 2024. In the months leading up to the elections, candidates from the respective parties are selected through extensive primaries. The winner will challenge President Joe Biden, who is seeking re-election.

Many Republican Contenders

Along with the 63-year-old Pence, numerous candidates are now running on the Republican side: In November of last year, Trump announced that he wants to reclaim the White House in the elections. In the following months, former U.S. ambassador to UN Nikki Haley, African-American Senator Tim Scott, former governor of the southern state of Arkansas Asa Hutchinson, and then Florida Governor Ron DeSantis entered the race.

Pence is currently seen in polls as in third place among Republican candidates, far behind Trump and DeSantis.