A person has died after a roller coaster car derailed at a stock amusement park. According to the police, several passengers were injured. The park has been evacuated.

According to the operators, a person was killed in an accident with a roller coaster car at the Swedish amusement park “Grona Lund.” A park spokeswoman in Stockholm said there were also several injuries. The roller coaster affected was reportedly the “Jetline.”

Swedish television channel SVT reported, citing emergency services, that one of the cars had derailed, leaving people to fall out. Others were trapped and had to be rescued from a height. The police reported that at least nine people, including a child, were being treated in hospitals following the incident. Amusement park evacuated after accident

“We are deeply sorry for what has happened,” said “Grona Lund” spokeswoman Annika Troselius. “We are all affected and shocked and are concentrating on looking after the injured and our staff.” The park was evacuated to facilitate rescue efforts. A helicopter was also deployed.

According to the park, the “Jetline” roller coaster operates on an 800-meter-long and up to 30-meter-high course at speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour. It went into operation in 1988.