More than 1,300 migrants were rescued on Saturday March 11 by the Italian coast guard.

These 47 migrants are desperately waiting for help. The boat is in the middle of international waters, between Libya and Italy, each country waiting for the other to intervene. According to NGOs, several dozen migrants would have died. “The Italian coordination center has been aware for two days, but, according to our information, they have not sent help. The coastguards have made several interventions in recent days, but the reality is that there is has thousands of people at sea,” said Giorgia Linardi, spokesperson for Sea Watch.

Ever more perilous rescues

An extraordinary rescue operation was deployed on Saturday March 11 off the coast of Italy, to rescue 1,350 migrants at the same time in very difficult weather conditions. Since January, Italy has faced a number of arrivals three times higher than last year. With ever more perilous rescues. Landings are daily throughout southern Italy. Most of the castaways will then be temporarily accommodated in dedicated centres. For three days, that of the island of Lampedusa has been totally saturated with 5,000 people welcomed for only 400 places.