Mexico: Bus Plunge into Ravine Leaves 29 Dead and 19 Injured

An investigation has been opened to determine the causes of the accident. The toll is heavy. The plunge of a bus into a ravine in southern Mexico on Wednesday, July 5, has claimed the lives of 29 people, including a child, and injured 19 others, according to the prosecutor of the State of Oaxaca. Rescue teams are still searching through the debris in this mountainous area. Six of the injured were unconscious at the time of hospitalization, according to civil protection.

The accident occurred in the municipality of Magdalena Peñasco in the early morning hours after hours of travel. Prior to veering off the road, the bus had covered over a thousand kilometers since departing from Mexico City the previous evening. While local media mention a brake problem, “the driver likely lost control,” said the Secretary of Government Security of the State during a press conference. The prosecutor initially favored the mechanical fault theory and announced the opening of an investigation to determine the exact causes of the accident.

The State of Oaxaca is a popular tourist destination in Mexico. The country has been witnessing a rise in accidents involving travel buses in recent years, to the point that organizations are calling for stricter regulations.