Incredible Breakthroughs in Modern Warfare that Will Leave You Speechless!

Futuristic Military Technologies Already in Use Today

Creating Peace with Weapons: Following Putin’s brutal attack on Ukraine, the world’s focus has shifted towards rearmament. Some countries have weapons systems that seem to come straight out of a science fiction novel.

The technologies being developed by militaries around the world are so incredibly futuristic that it’s hard to believe they exist not only in Hollywood movies but also on real battlefields.

1. ADAPTIV Stealth Helicopter

Remaining unseen by enemy forces while approaching for an attack is of utmost importance when trying to leverage the element of surprise. When planning something other than a ground assault, it is nearly impossible to carry out an operation without the other side finding out… or is it? About 10 years ago, a system was developed that allows vehicles to approach within 500 meters without being detected.

In 2011, BAE Systems AB introduced ADAPTIV, an infrared system that can be attached to jeeps, tanks, and even helicopters. The system acts as a “thermal screen,” adapting to the external temperatures while the vehicle is in motion. In other words, the opponent sees only what their thermal system detects.