Florida is frequently hit by successive hurricanes. Do the thousands of inhabitants still want to rebuild and live again with this risk?

Trip Valigorsky’s house, located on the coast of Daytona Beach (Florida, United States) was devastated by a hurricane a week ago, associated with a high tide phenomenon. Five people lost their lives. The cornice was swallowed up, leaving devastated houses. Hurricane season is supposed to be over though. This marks global warming.

“You have to choose your fights”

Further afield, Nathan Colian is a true hurricane veteran. He notably suffered Katrina in 2005 and yet he does not intend to live far from the beach. “Even Katrina didn’t make me change my mind. You have to choose your fights. I love living near the beach and the water,” he says. Despite the disasters, real estate prices are not falling in Florida. Hurricanes are expensive for the state. “This year, the bill should rise well beyond 50 billion dollars”, specifies Loic de la Mornais, special envoy to Daytona Beach.