How Woke Conquered the Classroom

The New Culture Forum proudly presents “Indoctrination: How Woke Conquered the Classroom”, the tenth episode in our acclaimed documentary series: It is written and presented by Fr. Calvin Robinson, broadcaster and commentator but also a former teacher and school governor closely involved with free schools.

“Indoctrination: How Woke Conquered the Classroom” shines an important light into the nation’s classrooms. What it reveals about our children’s education should concern us all.

Our young people are being indoctrinated in school with ideologies that undermine our very way of life. Calvin Robinson has seen all of this first hand; but his “lived experience” has been contested. Therefore, in this documentary he speaks with others with first-hand knowledge and experience: teachers, governors and academic experts.

Education wasn’t always a political battleground; but today a worrying number of teachers are infused with social activism, most notably in the areas of race, gender and sexuality.

In this documentary, Calvin focuses on three highly controversial areas:

* Critical Race Theory
* Gender
* Left-wing bias (up to 90% of teachers hold left-wing views)

The teaching of highly contested political ideas and social theories as accepted fact is alarming. We don’t do this with communism, socialism or capitalism, yet the racism of Critical Race Theory is taught unquestioningly. Similarly, overtly activist groups such as Stonewall, Mermaids and Equaliteach, are given seemingly free reign to promote their gender ideology in schools.

What can concerned parents do to protect their children? Calvin offers his solutions in this must watch episode of.