Wedding bans are not something that one hears about frequently. Weddings, which are supposed to be happy and joyous occasions, often ease standards of etiquette and let the guests loose to have as much fun as they can. However, some individuals just can’t seem to function within the set wedding standards and end up being on the receiving end of a wedding ban.
Whether it is because of rowdy behavior, intoxication, or merely a lack of respect and concern for the bride and groom and their hard-earned big day, getting banned from a wedding can be a significant blow, both to the individual in question and his/her reputation. In this article, we will explore some of the most outrageous stories of wedding guests who got banned and made headlines.
One of the wildest cases of wedding bans is the one where a guest got excessively drunk and passed out on the dance floor. Pictures of the individual went viral on social media and made their way to the bride and groom. The ordeal resulted in the individual being unceremoniously tossed out of the wedding.
Another famous case of a wedding ban involves a family member who caused an enormous scene that had ruined the wedding entirely. The individual had caused a significant fuss, yelling and berating the groom’s family and friends, causing immense distress and extreme embarrassment. It had been such a bad experience that it had ended in this family member’s ban from all future family events.
However, it’s not just drunk antics or disruptive behavior that can get you banned from a wedding. Sometimes, it’s as simple as not following the dress code or showing up late without a valid excuse. One of the best reasons not to be banned is to show up on time and appropriately dressed in the dress code specified on the wedding invitation.
Here is a quick guide on how to avoid getting banned:
  1. Stay sober: weddings can be long events, and alcohol becomes accessible to everybody. Before getting out of hand and becoming sloppy drunk, make sure to monitor your limit and know when to quit.