In the United Kingdom, it is one of the consequences of inflation, at its highest for 40 years. Filmed by a CCTV camera: thefts in a supermarket. More and more frequent scenes. So, to fight against these crimes, many stores reinforce their security devices with, for example, alarms on the products or magnetically locked boxes that protect the food. “We put them under anti-theft because many people leave with these products without paying,” explains an employee. Steep increase in flights, in particular due to the prices charged. More than 30% in one year on certain basic necessities such as milk, butter or eggs.

Banksy at work in Ukraine

In Germany, a new summit on Ukraine. G7 interior ministers reaffirmed their solidarity with Kyiv. After two days of talks, they called for enhanced cooperation to effectively counter Russian disinformation networks. This particularly concerns Russian cyberattacks on the strategic infrastructures of Western countries.

In Ukraine, murals amid the ruins. A gymnast with a ribbon and a necklace around her neck. It is one of the works of the famous British street artist Banksy. We are in a recently bombed suburb of kyiv. These paintings evoke the war and the courage of the Ukrainian people, an honor for the inhabitants. No one here would have seen Banksy at work, the elusive artist still wants to keep his identity a secret.