EU Increases Funding for Weapons Deliveries to Ukraine

Luxembourg – The EU has increased its financial support for the delivery of weapons and equipment to Ukraine and other partner countries by an additional €3.5 billion.
This decision was made by the foreign ministers of the member states during a meeting in Luxembourg, according to an EU spokesperson. It serves as a clear political signal of the EU’s continued commitment to providing military support to Ukraine and other partners.

European Peace Facility Cap Raised to €12 Billion for Arms Deliveries

With this decision, the financial ceiling for the European Peace Facility has been raised to approximately €12 billion. This EU financing instrument was originally established before the start of the conflict in Ukraine to provide military support to partner countries and was initially equipped with around €5 billion for the period of 2021-2027.

Insufficient Funds Prompt EU to Boost Support for Ukraine and Other Partners

Due to the unexpected Russian aggression against Ukraine, the existing funds are far from sufficient. So far, approximately €5.6 billion has already been allocated solely for assistance to the Ukrainian armed forces. In addition to Ukraine, countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Lebanon, and Mauritania benefit from this funding. According to the German government, Germany finances approximately a quarter of the assistance provided.