Dibu’s Road to Recovery: One Abandoned Puppy’s Second Chance
On January 10th, a lady called our rescue organisation urgently requesting help for a puppy named Dibu. The caller stated that Dibu had been abandoned in a very emaciated state, and he needed immediate medical attention. Our team quickly responded to the call and found Dibu in a heartbreaking condition. He was skin and bones, and it was apparent that he had not been given adequate care and nutrition for several months.
According to the lady who called us, her neighbour had purchased Dibu about four months ago with the intention of breeding him and selling his puppies. When it became clear that Dibu was unable to produce offspring, the neighbour abandoned him next to the lady’s car. The woman, who was a kind-hearted animal lover, took him in and did her best to care for him before eventually calling us for help.
We took Dibu straight to a veterinary clinic, where we were informed that he was suffering from severe malnutrition and dehydration. In fact, the veterinarian said that they had never seen such a emaciated puppy before. We were devastated to hear this, but we remained committed to helping Dibu fight for his life.