Two Houses Destroyed and Two Others Damaged in Fire in Brisbane’s Inner South

In the early hours of the morning, a devastating fire ravaged through the quiet streets of Woolloongabba in Brisbane’s inner south, resulting in the destruction of two homes and damage to two others. Firefighters worked tirelessly to extinguish the inferno, with emergency crews responding to the scene shortly after receiving the distress call at 2:30 am.


A major blaze engulfed several residential properties on Heaslop Street, prompting a police emergency declaration and the establishment of an exclusion zone encompassing nearby streets such as Merton Road, Catherine Street, and Annerley Road. Among the affected homes, three were occupied while one stood empty. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, as all occupants were swiftly accounted for.

Response Efforts and Challenges Faced

Six fire crews were deployed to combat the raging flames, accompanied by multiple ambulance crews on standby. Queensland Fire and Emergency Superintendent, Tim Watkins, described the intensity of the fire as rare and uncharacteristic for residential blazes. Despite the difficult circumstances, firefighters persevered, battling not only the flames but also the additional hazards posed by fallen power lines. The situation was eventually brought under control, leading to the lifting of the emergency declaration.

Investigation and Cause

The cause of the fire remains unknown, and further investigation will be conducted by the fire investigation unit in the coming days. Superintendent Watkins emphasized the need for a comprehensive assessment to identify the factors that led to such a rapid and intense blaze. Fallen power lines, which caught fire and hindered firefighting efforts, will also be examined to determine their contribution to the incident.

Impact on Residents and Community

Residents in the vicinity were advised to close their windows due to the heavy smoke generated by the fire. Additionally, Heaslop Street was temporarily closed as authorities managed the situation. Modestas Jab, a resident of the affected area, described the difficulty firefighters faced due to the hazardous presence of fallen power lines, evoking concern for the safety of both responders and residents.

In Conclusion

This devastating fire in Brisbane’s inner south demonstrates the destructive power of such incidents and the challenges faced by firefighters in their response efforts. The prompt evacuation and safe accounting of all occupants underscore the effectiveness of emergency protocols in ensuring the well-being of the community. As investigations continue, affected residents and the broader community will seek answers regarding the cause of the fire, ultimately hoping for measures to prevent such tragedies in the future.