African Union condemns recent coup in Burkina Faso

Troops are still guarding the National Television Center after Burkina Faso's second coup this year Ouagadougou (AFP) - The African Union on Saturday condemned the...

Tutankhamun: 100 years of fascination and mysteries around the young pharaoh

Exactly 100 years ago, the British archaeologist Howard Carter discovered, on November 4, 1922, the tomb of Tutankhamun. A site that continues to fascinate.It...

Biden pledges solidarity with Iranian women as protests spread

United Nations (United States) (AFP) - US President Joe Biden pledged solidarity with Iranian women Wednesday as eight people were reported killed in growing...

Eurozapping: inflation pushes to fly in the UK, Banksy paints in Ukraine

In the United Kingdom, it is one of the consequences of inflation, at its highest for 40 years. Filmed by a CCTV camera: thefts...

The US gets a voice in an epic battle with Apple

Lawyers for Epic Games and Fortnite maker Apple will face off in an appeal hearing over strict App Store censorship, and lawyers for the...
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