Biden, Harris Put Abortion Rights on Election Frontline

Washington (AFP) – US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are taking a strong stance on abortion rights in a series of events to highlight its significance in the upcoming election. Democrats believe that this issue could be political kryptonite for Donald Trump.

Harris as the Face of Reproductive Rights

The Biden campaign is promoting Kamala Harris as the face of the reproductive rights issue. They aim to convey the message that if Trump makes a comeback, he will seek to impose further restrictions on abortion. Harris is set to launch a nationwide tour on the issue in the swing state of Wisconsin on the 51st anniversary of the Roe v. Wade court decision, which legalized abortion. However, the ruling was struck down in 2022 by a conservative-leaning Supreme Court featuring three Trump-appointed judges.

Biden’s Meeting and Joint Appearance

President Biden is meeting with experts on reproductive healthcare at the White House. He and Harris will also make their first joint appearance on the 2024 campaign trail at a major rally on the abortion issue in Virginia. First Lady Jill Biden and Douglas Emhoff, Harris’s husband, will also be present at the rally.

The Issue as a Vote Winner

The Biden campaign sees the abortion rights issue as a potential vote winner after Trump claimed credit for overturning the federally protected right to abortion. Trump’s claims have energized Democrats who are now aiming to capitalize on this issue. Harris is expected to challenge Trump’s pride in rolling back women’s reproductive rights.

State-Level Restrictions on Abortion

The Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the Roe v. Wade ruling has led to 14 US states imposing outright bans on abortion, while seven others have imposed time limits. These restrictions have intensified the focus on reproductive rights and the need to protect access to safe abortion.

Campaign Strategy and Ads

In addition to the events, the Biden campaign is launching television and social media ads targeting swing voters in battleground states. These ads aim to highlight the personal impact that Trump’s abortion bans have on women and healthcare providers.

Abortion as a Key Issue

Abortion remains a divisive issue in US politics and society. Thousands of anti-abortion activists recently rallied in Washington for the annual “March for Life.” However, polls consistently show that a clear majority of Americans support continued access to safe abortion, even as conservative groups push for restrictions or outright bans.

Targeting Vulnerable Areas

Democratic campaigners plan to focus on areas where abortion rights are under threat. They believe it’s a strategic move to address the issue in areas where it matters most. Melissa DeRosa, a Democratic strategist, emphasizes that reproductive freedom will be deployed strategically to secure areas where it’s not already guaranteed.

Harris’s Role and Voter Influence

Harris’s appearances and active involvement in the campaign serve as a strategy to increase her connection with the public. Opinion polls suggest she has struggled to connect with voters, but the campaign believes that her voice can sway women, ethnic minority, and young voters. Her abortion messaging has earned unexpected praise from Trump’s former press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany.

In conclusion, the Biden-Harris campaign is actively placing the fight for abortion rights at the forefront of the election. They aim to leverage their stance on this contentious issue to attract key voter demographics, emphasize Trump’s rollback of women’s reproductive rights, and highlight the personal impact of abortion bans. The campaign hopes to secure support in battleground states and areas where abortion rights are under threat.