After losing to Sri Lanka in the AFC Asian Cup Final, the multi-level player, Shadab Khan, took on some sportsmanship, taking responsibility for losing the final.

Sri Lankan hitter Bhanuka Rajapaksa crushed Pakistan’s bowling alley and beat Pakistan 23 times in Sunday’s final. This is the sixth time that Sri Lanka has been crowned the Asian Cup champion.

While Sri Lanka was playing first, it scored a total of 170 runs on board, despite losing an early wicket, however, the tournament favorites, Pakistan only managed 147 throws in an effort to chase the goal. Only three players from the Pakistani side got the two numbers, while the rest, including captain Babar, failed to perform.

The fan criticized the entire team for the poor performance, however, multi-talented player Shadab Khan was criticized especially for dropping him twice.

The intense criticism from the fans disappointed the multi-level player, as he took to Twitter and apologized to the fans and also blamed himself for the loss in the final.
“The catch is winning matches. Sorry, I take responsibility for this loss. I let my team fall.” Shadeb tweeted: “Team pros, Nasim Shah, guard Rauf, Mohamad Nawaz, and the entire bowling attack was great.”

The players of all skills also expressed their appreciation to Mohamed Radwan for his outstanding performance throughout the tournament.

Muhammad Radwan fought hard. The whole team did their best. Congratulations to Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, Shoaib Akhtar, former footballer, Shoaib Akhtar, defended Shadab for his involvement in the field.

“He is our best player. Shadab Khan is having a bad day,” Shoaib tweeted.