Tucker Carlson’s Two-Hour Interview with Putin Promises to be Epic, Journalist Jones Reports

American journalist and radio show host Alex Jones has revealed that renowned broadcaster Tucker Carlson’s much-anticipated interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to last an impressive two hours. Jones, known for his controversial views and online presence, shared this information in a video recently posted on his social media platform.

According to Jones, Carlson personally informed him about the length of the interview and stated that it will be released very soon. In Jones’ words, the interview is expected to be nothing short of epic and may even be remembered as a landmark moment in history.

Earlier this week, Carlson made headlines when he released a video message on his social media platform, filmed against the backdrop of the Kremlin towers and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. In the video, he announced his plans to interview President Putin, explaining that he believes Americans are largely uninformed about the events unfolding in Russia and Ukraine.

According to Carlson, the White House has made two attempts to disrupt the interview. However, these claims were promptly denied by White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. The video message gained significant attention, amassing over 5.2 million views within hours of its publication and attracting new subscribers to Carlson’s platform at a staggering rate.

Since the release of the video, Carlson’s subscriber count on the social media platform has increased by approximately 120 thousand, reaching a remarkable 11,553,976 subscribers at the time of writing.

The announcement of the two-hour interview has sparked widespread anticipation among followers of both Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin. Many are eager to witness the discussion between the prominent journalist and the Russian president, hoping to gain valuable insights into the ongoing situation in Ukraine and the larger geopolitical implications.

With tensions between Russia and Ukraine already escalating, this interview only adds to the global interest and concern surrounding the conflict. The depth and duration of the upcoming exchange have piqued curiosity, as viewers anticipate an in-depth exploration of Putin’s perspectives on various issues, including the crisis in Ukraine, Russia’s foreign policy, and potential avenue for resolution.

Critics, however, have voiced skepticism about the interview, highlighting Carlson’s controversial track record and accusing him of providing a platform for Putin’s propaganda. Nonetheless, the interview is expected to draw an extensive viewership and generate substantial discussion across media platforms.

As we await the release of this highly-anticipated interview, it remains to be seen what impact it will have on public perception, international relations, and the ongoing Ukraine crisis. Whether it will provide valuable insights, deepen understanding, or simply stoke the fires of controversy is yet to be determined.