In the US state of Montana, a train carrying hazardous materials has derailed into the Yellowstone River. Several cars carrying asphalt and sulfur are currently submerged in the water, causing water extraction from the river to be halted.

Train derailment in Montana

A railway bridge across the Yellowstone River collapsed when a freight train carrying hazardous materials crossed it. Several cars derailed and fell into the river. According to the Montana Rail Link, no one was injured in the incident.

Asphalt and molten sulfur spill

The wagons were carrying hot asphalt and molten sulfur, according to the Stillwater County Disaster and Emergency Services. A spokesperson for the railway company explained that both asphalt and sulfur would solidify quickly when exposed to cooler temperatures.

Drinking water supply impacted

Authorities downstream from the incident have closed water extraction points to test the water quality. The director of the county’s emergency services, David Stamey, stated that there was no immediate danger to the site’s working crews. The leaked substances will be diluted by the water.

Affected Locations

Stillwater County is located near the city of Columbus, about 65 kilometers west of Billings. The area is part of a sparsely populated region in the Yellowstone River Valley. The Yellowstone National Park is approximately 180 kilometers southwest.

Infrastructure issues in the US

Infrastructure across the United States is widely considered to be in disrepair and in need of renovation. President Joe Biden has announced a state-funded investment program to address these concerns.